Ever wanted to improve the warmth in you home?  Ever wanted to do it without massive disruption or cost?



When a room has been lined with Thermal Liner  – the World’s first insulating wall paper – warm air is deflected back into the room from the wall surfaces. Therefore, thermal wall paper ensures more warm air stays in the room instead of seeping through the walls to the outside.

Tests show that cold rooms lined with thermal, energy saving wall paper become warmer 65% more quickly and so save energy and money. Insulating wall paper is especially effective for homes with thermostatically controlled heating.

In rooms where walls are not covered with Thermal Liner, the majority of the energy will initially be used to heat up the walls. Only then can the room air be heated up to the required temperature and create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

It is a very different picture with walls covered with Thermal Liner: the ‘wall’, the sluggish reservoir of cold, becomes as it were ‘disconnected’ from the room and the temperature at which people feel comfortable and warm in a room is reached very quickly. The energy saving effect of this wall covering even aids houses well insulated with External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems (ETICS).

Thermal illustration of the heating up phase

The following illustrations show a Wall with Thermal Liner installed (left) and without (right) during the heating up period of a wall from cold.





Start of heating up phase                                               After 25 minutes                                                                After 50 minutes